Welcome to Central Christian Academy’s K4 Joy Fruit Stand!

Central Christian Academy is an accredited, Christian school servicing children from 2.5 years old through 6th grade.

The mission of Central Christian Academy is to provide an education that will equip saints with the knowledge and experiences they need to have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and grow the fruit of the Spirit within their home, church, and school.


In K4, the fruit of the Spirit is joy.

The ACOs are observed and evaluated through play, small group time, and individual instruction.

In the first quarter, K4 students learn to show joy.

During the first quarter in the Joy Fruit Stand, the saints see how the joy of the Lord is shown through his creation. They classify nature within the six days of creation. They learn that God made the animals on the fifth and sixth day. Their focus book, Is Your Mama a Llama?, sparks discussions about animals. They learn about different animals and classify them into family groups. Saints also discover that on the sixth day, God created man. Man is very special to God. They will discover what makes each of them unique and special, too. Saints share about their unique homes and families. They also learn about being at school and how to participate in the classroom community. Saints discover that God gave them five senses to learn new things, which they use to see, taste, touch, smell, and hear new skills and concepts at school.

In the second quarter, K4 students learn to share joy.

In the second quarter, the K4 saints go beyond the home and school to learn how God’s joy is shared with the church and community. They learn all about community helpers. They also see how God shares joy through the seasons and how holidays provide us with an opportunity to share joy with family and friends. While they learn about many holidays, none comparea to the joy received at Christmas. The K4 saints learn that God shared His joy by coming to earth as a baby, so He can save us from our sin. The understanding of how one action causes another is known as cause and effect. Sharing joy with others has Godly effects. Through their focus book, If you Give a Mouse a Cookie, saints are given opportunities to share in listening, speaking, reading, writing, counting, and creating patterns.

In the third quarter, k4 students learn to shape joy.

During the third quarter in the Joy Fruit Stand, the saints see how joy is shaped through words, actions, and feelings. In Bible lessons, saints learn about Jesus’ life and how His walk was an example for us to follow. The K4 saint continues to develop their skills in oral language, reading, and writing. Dr. Seuss’ book, The Foot Book, helps them to discover opposites and positional words. The groundhog goes in and out of his hole looking for his shadow. The K4 saint creates shadows of their own and is able to explain how shadows are made. As they shape joy through feelings, saints celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends. Creating art with heart shapes sparks discussions about other shapes. Leaders are shaped through words and actions, too. The K4 saint learns about presidents and important leaders, like Martin Luther King, Jr., who have shaped our world. The saints learn how the world was different and how it has changed. One important change is our means of transportation. K4 saints learn about transportation over time.

In the fourth quarter, k4 students learn how joy shines.

During the fourth quarter in the Joy Fruit Stand, saints see how the things they have learned help them to shine. The book, Goodnight Moon, sparks conversations about Mother Goose rhymes and the moon. Saints use traditional nursery rhymes to track print, which is essential for reading development. As saints discuss the qualities of the moon, they learn that the moon does not shine on its own; it can only reflect the light of the sun. After learning the Easter story, the K4 saint begins to understand that their lives can reflect the Son of God, allowing them to shine for Jesus! The light of Christ changes us. The K4 saint sees how God’s creation changes over time, also. They learn about the metamorphosis of insects and plants.  As the quarter comes to an end, the saints create their own book entitled Goodnight Preschool. They prepare for their commencement ceremony, leaving preschool changed and shining with new knowledge and skills.