That’s A Wrap!

It is hard to believe that we have completed the 2nd quarter of our K-4 year.  The children are growing and changing quickly.  They enjoy learning and are eager to participate in what we are doing.

The 2nd quarter gave us the opportunity to learn about fall and the many holidays that we celebrate.  The children were able to explore nature and make discoveries about what takes place at this time of year.  Check out our previous blogs to see some of the fall activities.

As we moved into the Christmas season we spent time in God’s Word learning how He shared joy with us through the gift of his son Jesus.  The children learned that  Jesus came to rescue us and save us from our sins.  They presented this story to their families and friends at our school Christmas program.  They sang with such enthusiasm “Happy Birthday, Jesus”.   Everyone was blessed as they shared their joy.


Our class has been busy since their return to school after Christmas break.  There was much preparation for those who were planning to attend the Joy Shared Event.   The children reviewed the featured book,  If You  Give a Mouse a Cookie .    We used this book to help us with many language, math , and science learning activities.  It helped us begin our understanding of cause & effect as we saw how one action causes another.


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We reviewed what we had learned so the boys and girls could show what they had accomplished.  They did an amazing job sharing at the event.




Thank you parents for helping to make the day special.  We always enjoy the time we spend together.

Tuesday, January 19, begins our third quarter.  The children will learn how joy is shaped through their words, actions, and feelings.  Our Bible time will focus on the life of Christ and the example he set for us to follow.  Our focus book is The Foot Book.  There will be much to do.    Continue to watch us play, learn, and grow in the JOY Fruit Stand.