End of the quarter Shaping Joy Fruitful Event

The saints did an outstanding job in the third quarter, Fruitful Event, Shaping Joy. From acting out a Bible scene to demonstrating knowledge learned, they stood to perform a program that lasted thirty minutes. We did get some pictures of the parents and saints engaging in activities together. K4 demonstrated their quarterly growth through song, theatrics, and interactive activities with their parents. The saints tested the knowledge of their parents about shadows and Groundhog Day with an “Are You Smarter Than A Preschooler?” game. The parents kept their results a secret.  Three of our K4 friends assisted in presenting the PowerPoint slide show questionnaire.

The saints acted out a Biblical scene about how Jesus healed a paralyzed man. On the 100th day of school, K4 competed in a one hundred marble race. They had the parents engage in that same marble race, too. Our group “A” parents did not win against the saints but group “B” parents were victors. It was fun to watch the intensity and desire to win on both sides.

K4 communicated orally about several American Leaders throughout history. They did a great job explaining opposites, along with sharing how to name and find rhyming words. Additionally, the saints taught their parents one-way that helped them to identify long and short words. The magnetic trains offered the saints a chance to verbally share how magnetic energy and strength works when building a train chain.

Our parents and visitors enjoyed our Dr. Seuss breakfast and Thing One and Thing Two photo center. The most challenging event for the parents was our Foot Wall. K4 had parents try to find three different sets of their feet. Did you know the background to their Foot Wall was painted by the saints own feet? It was fun! Parents have continued to view the Foot Wall during morning and afternoon drop off as one last attempt at redemption. 🙂 We enjoyed the enthusiasm from all, it was an amazing memory maker day.

The saints did a wonderful job verbalizing and demonstrating how the Bible lessons taught them how to use their words, actions, and feelings to shape joy for others and Jesus. Martin Luther King was a leader that helped K4 understand how to shape their hearts with God’s joy and love for other people. They ended their presentation by saying they liked their differences and loved one another.



Making Memories in the Joy Fruit Stand

The entire staff dressed up as different video characters.

We surprised our students by dressing up as Pokemon video characters.

The students had no idea. It was a fun day.

Which meant we had to have a Pokemon day.

K4 enjoyed Pokemon bingo.

The lucky winners won a fancy pair of heart-shaped sunglasses.

                                       On Valentine’s Day, the K4 Saints decorated hats.                                         Take a look at their silly face photo moment.


A science experiment because they had questions. It made perfect sense to make it fun. They wanted to know what made the raindrops fall. Their curiosity made for some great discussions. Ask them what they learned.