Joyfully We Unite

Welcome! Look who represents the 2016 Joy Class.

This year we started our year exploring what it means to unite with others. During our first week of school each child brought in an All About Me puzzle piece. To help build community within the classroom the kids had to figure out (collaborate) how to fit their pieces together. Collaborating is such a big word for preschoolers. However, when investigating what uniting to collaborate meant, they uncovered that they have already begun demonstrating some of those skills. They became aware that God created everyone different and that He said they were all wonderfully made.

Creation will take many weeks to explore and investigate. We referenced the Bible to help us explore Genesis chapter one. Genesis is the first book in the Bible. It only made sense to start there. Ask your joyful saint to share with you what we have discussed already.

Their Creation book in progress.                                                            img_0409




This was able to lead us right into uniting and working together as a team to reach a common goal. This allowed us to group the joyful saints into different size collaboration teams. They worked hard to figure out a way to form a circle only using their bodies. Once they discussed it, they agreed they had to stand in a circle and hold hands. The joyful saints also had to figure out how to get a parachute to form a circle and hold an object in the middle without it sliding down the color wheel. Ask your joyful saint how many attempts it took before they figured it out. This was their favorite activity our second week.

We did challenge them with a harder collaboration circle. It proved to need more discussion than the parachute. This challenge may take us the entire year to figure out.         img_0484




Collaboration skills continued to build. We tried to see how five friends could work together to explore the colors in a rainbow. We also encouraged them to discuss how to create a rainbow. We had previously explored all the colors in a rainbow. A visual aid was available to help stimulate communication. This was a fantastic way to learn how the saints communicated with one another. Have your child share with you how they felt their teams did.

2016-09-14_09-31-49_660 2016-09-14_09-32-42_503 2016-09-14_09-33-20_787 2016-09-14_10-03-52_976 2016-09-14_10-05-32_409 2016-09-14_10-05-55_153 2016-09-14_10-06-03_798 2016-09-14_10-08-22_592 2016-09-14_10-08-28_732

The joyful saints did a fantastic job honoring Mrs. Ward’s birthday. She was surprised!

I could continue with plenty more pictures and recaps of our learning, but I know this is getting a bit long. I will add another set of pictures and details soon. Be sure to come back……






Meet the Joy Class Teachers

Hi There!

Welcome to K4.

Mrs. Pierce and Mrs .Ward would like to let you know a little about ourselves. There is a link attached that will allow you to view some of our favorite things.

Meet the Teacher 2

We are unable to express how excited we are about our year together. We have already begun praying for each child that God has blessed us with this year. As we learn and explore together we will be posting pictorial evidence of the growth among the children.

Be sure to frequent our blog to see how we like to learn. 🙂