The end of our quarter…..

K4 has reached the end of their first quarter. It was exciting to watch each saint grow as they learned how God shows us joy. They learned how the joy of the Lord is shown through His creation. Along with classifying the six days of creation, the saints discovered other ways to find God’s joy in all things. God created man and animal on day six. His joy is shown at home through the family. Man is very special to God. They discovered the joy God has shown towards each person as they identified differences they saw between one another. Our field trip, to Hunt Club Farm, allowed for God’s joy to be seen for animals. He created each animal unique and for a designed purpose. K4 said they were glad God made pigs because they love to eat bacon. Our trip to Hunt Club Farm gave us the opportunity to join the community to learn about plants and animals that were created on some of the days of creation.

They have done a fabulous job discovering how God gave them five senses to learn new things. They enjoyed using their five senses in science activities when they used their sense of touch, sight, taste, and smell. The Saints ended the quarter inviting parents and stakeholders to attend their Showing Joy Fruitful Event. The Saints demonstrated their knowledge learned through group and individual presentation.

Take a look at our time enjoying science, family, animals, and community. 🙂




In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. Genesis 1:1

The Joy Fruit Stand has studied this verse. They have asked many questions about God and how He created everything. We have used the Bible as our reference guide. It is always a blessing to listen and watch each Saint explain to the teachers and one another the sequential order that God choose to create. The Saints have been able to depict and integrate different measures of God’s creation through play and group discussions. They are looking forward to discovering the way God designed the atmosphere and how it affects the Earth this week. Be sure to attend our first Fruitful Event to learn more about Creation from them. Meanwhile, ask your Saint to share with you the many ways they have explored learning about Creation.