The end of each year is always bitter-sweet. The investment into each child for nine months generates attachments that are hard to let go. This year, in particular, was a hard one to see come to an end. I have enjoyed growing and teaching a group of kids for three years. As a teacher, we know this time will come, but it does not make it any easier. Although, watching children progress and grow as life intends, warms the heart. The excitement attached knowing they are ready to advance to the next phase of childhood. Preschool are the formidable years to prepare them for the journey ahead. The memories behind them will last longer for the teacher. Kindergarten is where they will begin making lasting memories that will stick with them forever. So, how could one not be excited for them? The friendships they have already made will follow and continue to grow. New friendships will form and their curiosity for life and school will heighten.

We pass forward and say goodbye to the graduating K4 class. We hope to stay connected and continue to watch you grow at CCA. Feel free to come by and visit anytime. Our love for you will never fade.

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We watched each child shine the light of Jesus towards one another, and for God. From the mouth of a K4 student, “Our light shines when we love each other like we love Jesus.” It could not be said any better. Mrs. Pierce & Mrs. Ward thank each family for enriching their lives with such wonderful children. Enjoy your summer break!!

We often ponder how much a preschool child will understand biblical truths. One fond memory was watching them create a suitcase to assist them as they shared their interpretation of a biblical lesson learned.