What have we been up to?

What have we been up to?  K4 has been busy exploring, investigating, and learning parts of history. The Autumn season has shown us some of the ways God shares His joy through seasonal changes.

The saints went on a scientific journey discovering the life-cycle process of a pumpkin. Afterward, they created their own pumpkin patches. The saints helped cut open a pumpkin to investigate the inner parts.

Take a look at what they found!

We cut up the meat of the pumpkin and boiled it to turn into pumpkin puree. Later, the puree became part of our ingredients to make pumpkin cheesecake.

A second pumpkin was used to help the saints expand their knowledge in math. They explored the circumference of a pumpkin using links. Afterward, each group laid out their chain links and measured them with a yardstick. The saints were able to discuss which group’s pumpkin circumference was the largest and smallest.

The final discovery was learning that God created the pumpkin and shared the joy of the life-cycle process with us. Ask your child the life-cycle for both the apple and pumpkin.

Who is Johhny Appleseed? That was a question K4 was asking. They discovered that Johnny Appleseed was the name given to John Chapman. Ask your child what they learned about Johnny Appleseed.

The saints made their conclusion of how God shared His joy with Abraham and Sarah. Ask your child about it! They are piecing together biblical events of their journey.

The saints learned about the presidential election process and how voting works in our country. They are too young to vote for the President of the United States, so we voted in a different kind of election. Ask your child who they voted for.

They also learned the history behind Veterans Day.


Those are only a few highlights of what K4 has been up to. Enjoy the pictures below that showcase the saints as well.