A season of change

We have been up to many things, but I will only highlight on a few parts. The crossover into a new quarter offers the opportunity to explore the many changes that occur, not only in the seasonal differences but also in our lives as we prepare for each holiday and discuss the joy God shares during this time frame.  The first change was the addition of our new friend, Ella.

K4 has been busy exploring, investigating, and learning parts of history. The autumn season has shown us some of the ways God shares His joy through seasonal changes. Also, how we can share God’s joy with others. The first thing the Saints enjoyed was our annual preschool Fall festival.

The Saints went on a scientific journey discovering the life-cycle process of a pumpkin and an apple. Afterward, they created their own pumpkin patches and apple trees. They explored the circumference of an apple and the inner parts. They learned that God created the pumpkin and apple for us to enjoy. We discussed how God’s creation is one way God shares joy with us. We are now able to share in the joy of the life-cycle processes with God. Ask your child the life-cycle for both the apple and pumpkin. Afterward, each group turned their apple into an erupting volcano. The volcanos were used to talk about controlling our emotions. The storybook, When Sophie Gets Really Angry, was used to help create the scenario. In the book, Sophie gets so mad she erupted like a volcano. The Saints used measuring cubes to determine the height of pumpkins and various other fall items. Their next mathematical investigation will offer them a chance to measure the circumference of objects. Later, they turned additional apples into applesauce after graphing which apple they preferred.

In Bible, the Saints made their own conclusions of how God shared His joy with Abraham and Sarah. Ask your child about it! They pieced together biblical events of Abraham and Sarah’s journey to a new land.

They also learned about the history of Veterans Day. Enjoy some pictures that will also share some insight into what the Saints have been doing. Ask your Saint to share them with you.




The end of our quarter…..

K4 has reached the end of their first quarter. It was exciting to watch each saint grow as they learned how God shows us joy. They learned how the joy of the Lord is shown through His creation. Along with classifying the six days of creation, the saints discovered other ways to find God’s joy in all things. God created man and animal on day six. His joy is shown at home through the family. Man is very special to God. They discovered the joy God has shown towards each person as they identified differences they saw between one another. Our field trip, to Hunt Club Farm, allowed for God’s joy to be seen for animals. He created each animal unique and for a designed purpose. K4 said they were glad God made pigs because they love to eat bacon. Our trip to Hunt Club Farm gave us the opportunity to join the community to learn about plants and animals that were created on some of the days of creation.

They have done a fabulous job discovering how God gave them five senses to learn new things. They enjoyed using their five senses in science activities when they used their sense of touch, sight, taste, and smell. The Saints ended the quarter inviting parents and stakeholders to attend their Showing Joy Fruitful Event. The Saints demonstrated their knowledge learned through group and individual presentation.

Take a look at our time enjoying science, family, animals, and community. 🙂



In the beginning, God created the heavens and the Earth. Genesis 1:1

The Joy Fruit Stand has studied this verse. They have asked many questions about God and how He created everything. We have used the Bible as our reference guide. It is always a blessing to listen and watch each Saint explain to the teachers and one another the sequential order that God choose to create. The Saints have been able to depict and integrate different measures of God’s creation through play and group discussions. They are looking forward to discovering the way God designed the atmosphere and how it affects the Earth this week. Be sure to attend our first Fruitful Event to learn more about Creation from them. Meanwhile, ask your Saint to share with you the many ways they have explored learning about Creation.




K4 Begins

Meet our K4 class and enjoy some of their first experiences together. They are learning how to build relationships and share the joy of the Lord for one another.


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Meet the teachers in K4

Hi There!

Welcome to K4.

Mrs. Pierce and Mrs.Ward are excited about your child’s new adventure.  Your child will be part of the oldest group in the preschool department. Wow! Can you believe your little baby is growing that fast?  We have already begun praying for each child that God has blessed us with this year. As we learn and explore together we will be posting pictorial evidence of the growth among the children. Be sure to frequent our blog.

Here is a link below that will allow you to learn a little more about the teachers.




The end of each year is always bitter-sweet. The investment into each child for nine months generates attachments that are hard to let go. This year, in particular, was a hard one to see come to an end. I have enjoyed growing and teaching a group of kids for three years. As a teacher, we know this time will come, but it does not make it any easier. Although, watching children progress and grow as life intends, warms the heart. The excitement attached knowing they are ready to advance to the next phase of childhood. Preschool are the formidable years to prepare them for the journey ahead. The memories behind them will last longer for the teacher. Kindergarten is where they will begin making lasting memories that will stick with them forever. So, how could one not be excited for them? The friendships they have already made will follow and continue to grow. New friendships will form and their curiosity for life and school will heighten.

We pass forward and say goodbye to the graduating K4 class. We hope to stay connected and continue to watch you grow at CCA. Feel free to come by and visit anytime. Our love for you will never fade.

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We watched each child shine the light of Jesus towards one another, and for God. From the mouth of a K4 student, “Our light shines when we love each other like we love Jesus.” It could not be said any better. Mrs. Pierce & Mrs. Ward thank each family for enriching their lives with such wonderful children. Enjoy your summer break!!

We often ponder how much a preschool child will understand biblical truths. One fond memory was watching them create a suitcase to assist them as they shared their interpretation of a biblical lesson learned.

Fun in the sun

These kiddos are excited about the warmer weather. Their curiosity of bugs and insects can be seen on the playground. We can count on worms, beetles, and roly-polies being offered as a gift. In between their findings, they enjoy one another. spring.png

K4 also enjoyed collaborating together to draw and design a spring scene.

collaborate drawing

We took show-and-tell outside on the deck. The weather was beautiful, but the Saints thought the sun was too bright.

show and tell