That’s a wrap

We finished our first quarter. Wow!

Time sure did go by fast. Our saints did a fabulous job demonstrating their joy for learning.

Here are a few pictures from our first annual end of the quarter event.

Joy Shows Fruitful Event.

Our saints grew knowledge and understanding of how the joy of the Lord is shown through his creation. They classified nature within the six days of creation. They discovered that God gave them five senses to learn new things.The saints also learned that God created them and made each of them unique and special in his image. They learned sign language to Jesus Loves You. They can now share joy by signing to someone without their sense of sound. Our focus book this quarter, Is Your Mama A Llama?, sparked discussions about the similarities between man and animal. They participated in discussions about different animals and classified them into family groups.

                                   The saints made an egg casserole for their event.                                        They  used items from animals that produced eggs, milk, and ham.

The saints were enjoying some of God’s creation found on the playground.


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